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Experience a Competency-Based MIS Training Solution

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Introducing Our Expanded General Surgery Curriculum

We Understand Resident Training Challenges

The competency-based Simsei Simulation program combines time efficiency with the effectual use of our simulation equipment, maximizing program results for faculty and residents alike. We treat your time as a valued resource and provide all of the tools needed to seamlessly integrate simulation into your laparoscopic surgery curriculum:

  • Interactive didactic lectures
  • Validated assessment tools
  • Dedicated implementation support

Training Residents Should be Effective and Efficient

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Our Online Portal Simplifies Resident Progress Tracking

The Simsei Simulation portal is a central hub where residents can complete training and track their progress, and faculty members can monitor their residents' performance. The portal is also a platform for remote learning and evaluation via video assessment. It houses a video library of simulation and case footage, affording residents and faculty members the opportunity to engage with a broader surgical community.

Dedicated support team for resident training and education

We're Committed to Residents Achieving Competency

Our program includes a dedicated team to support you as you guide your residents toward competency. We collaborate with you to design an educational plan tailored to your needs. Our goal is to implement your plan to achieve resident competency in a way that covers it all: logistics planning and equipment shipping, virtual or in-person lab support, resident attendance and participation, and data collection and presentation.

Your Residents Will Have Abundant Opportunity for Hands-On Practice

Deliberate, procedure-specific practice is an integral component of the Simsei Simulation program. Our annual program includes the appropriate number of tools and models for each lab, ensuring that each resident is set up for success and competency.

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Discover How Your Residency Program Would Benefit from the Simsei Simulation Solution

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