Technology with a Purpose

Proctor creating an assessment for resident on Simsei portal

We Design Technology to Meet Your Needs

The solutions are purposefully designed to integrate with the Simsei Simulation program, making adoption and skill acquisition effective and enjoyable.

Our Clinically Relevant High-Fidelity Models Focus on Specific Skill Development

The Simsei Simulation program's technical skill exercises are unique and challenging. They facilitate practice that is essential for laparoscopic skill development that can be used in several procedures. The exercises give your residents the immediate opportunity to refine their depth perception, hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity and tissue handling.

The skill exercises culminate in procedural practice performed on high-fidelity organ models. Residents will have the opportunity to combine skill sets in a simulated procedure that matches their skill level. The accurate anatomy and tactile reaction of our models provide residents with a realistic experience.

Beginning Hasson Cut Down first entry method on abdominal wall modelDissecting tissue to find vessel network
The anatomical features of our models replicate a true-to-life clinical experience for our participants.
Our models with VeriSimTM tissue take it a step further. Their realistic properties - fluid-filled anatomy, conductivity, and the ability to bleed - were developed to recreate the benefits of a wet lab without the maintenance or mess.
Faculty assessing resident practicing on lap trainer

Our Laparoscopic Trainer Fits Into Any Learning Environment

Our compact trainer allows for flexibility in lab location. Its small footprint and portability make it accessible and easy to transport. Using the trainer has a number of benefits:

  • The simulated laparoscope promotes teamwork and communication.
  • An interchangeable insert and adjustable torso facilitate multiple approaches.
  • The built-in monitor's capability to connect to a larger screen through HDMI improves group demonstrations and encourages remote learning.

We Have Software That Decreases Faculty Workload and Increases Resident Engagement

Laparoscopic augmented reality video game provided by Simsei

The video library is a collection of simulation and surgical case footage on our portal. It extends the boundaries of traditional learning with its many resources:

Augmented reality creates virtual environments with several advantages: