A Positive Resident Training Experience

The Simsei Simulation Program

Residents learning from faculty in a simulation lab with the lap trainers

We Believe in a Purposeful Learning Progression

Maximizing the results of your resident training program is one of the primary goals of the Simsei Simulation curriculum. Our longitudinal, evidence-based approach follows a purposeful learning progression in which cognitive learning and technical skills build on each other, leading residents efficiently and effectively toward mastery. Simsei’s online portal is the central location for all our training coursework and associated educational resources. It also serves as the dashboard for automated progress tracking.


Our Structured Learning Pathway Integrates Cognitive Knowledge and Technical Skills

Simsei portal features on dual monitors

An Online Portal with Benefits for Residents and Faculty Alike

The Simsei Simulation portal fosters independent learning using a flipped classroom approach, saving time for administrators. Residents can be completely self-led, moving at their own pace through the curriculum, partially self-led with group labs, and have the freedom to move ahead in completing their action items. With residents' progress being saved as they go, and the faculty tracking progress across all participating cohorts, the program’s learning features will streamline the residents’ experience.

Residents using Simsei lap trainers

Our Program Integrates Practice Into the Residents' Experience

The Simsei Simulation annual program includes all the tools and models necessary for practice. We handle the delivery of these materials throughout the year, saving you time and effort. Additionally, we phase the deliveries to coincide with your customized program schedule.

Each of your residents will receive multiple models, sufficient for independent practice of skills and procedures, as well as for assessments.

We Provide Validated Assessment Tools and Effortless Performance Tracking

Through the online portal, proctors are able to provide holistic feedback and a summative assessment on residents’ laparoscopic performance. We know schedules are fluid, and we’ve met that challenge by creating remote viewing and assessment features.

computer screen
The portal provides the residents with the flexibility to record and submit videos of their laparoscopic performance for faculty review.
checklist sheet
Proctors are able to assess these videos with features like time-stamped commenting, assessments, and an option to recommend videos from the Simsei video library.
bar chart
Residents can view their own performance data, and proctors have oversight over the entire cohort.
Dedicated Simsei implementation contact supporting customer

How Does Implementation Work?

Our goal is to integrate the Simsei Simulation program into your existing curriculum and adjust it whenever needed during the year for optimal implementation. Your dedicated implementation representative will ensure that you automatically receive the needed equipment at the appropriate time. We also track progress and attendance to ensure that your residents remain up to date on simulation activities throughout the year. To give you the best experience possible, we provide virtual or in-person lab support to monitor each plan and manage the metrics of completion.

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